WWDC 2017 State of the Union TL;DR

Here is a quick recap of everything we’ve learrned from Apple during the “State of the Union” talk in WWDC 2017. Have fun!

Source Editor

  • Rewritten in Swift from scratch

Swift 4

  • Strings Are now a Character Collection, act like arrays

Core Technologies


  • Completely Rearchitectured

Build System — New Build System

  • Build operations are x2.5 faster so should be even better with incremental builds

Source Control

  • Tight integration between GitHub/Github Enterprise with Xcode

Debugging and Analysis

  • View Debugger improved for ViewControllers, SpriteKit, SceneKit

Testing & Continuous Integration

  • No need to install Xcode Server, It’s built in to Xcode itself

Wireless Development

  • iOS & tvOS devices

General APIs

Drag & Drop

  • Automatic for Text and Web

UI Changes

  • Large navigation bar with integrated Search Bar (UINavigationBar.prefersLargeTitles, UINavigationBar.searchController)


  • Access from new Files App


  • Size classes, Auto layout & Default storyboards — If you have those, you are probably already set for the new Multi-tasking APIs


  • App strip


  • New domains: Payment accounts, lists, notes, qr codes


  • Users can play audio from Apple Music from within your app

Photo and Imaging APIs

  • Photos Project Extensions: External provider support built in to Photos.app — Print/Web/etc

Vision APIs

  • Face and Landmark Detection

Core ML

  • Converter tool takes model and converst to a MLModel, then can be dropped into Xcode


  • Many system frameworks are built on top of Metal


  • With Metal 2 and macOS High Sierra

iOS Tech Lead @ Gett 🚕 RxSwift & RxSwiftCommunity core contributor. International speaker and worldwide hackathon winner. Fiddling with tech for a living. 🤓

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